So that claims can be paid quickly and with out fuss


  • Traditionally, insurers have asked for copy receipts, and whilst this is still good, it can be difficult. We would suggest looking at:-
  • Photos (of apiary, ideally with the beekeeper, store, workroom and extractor). Ideally photos (such as smart phones) with the date and location of the photo).
  • Beebase; Register your bees and apiaries


  • Household Insurance: Don’t rely on this as it isn’t designed for beekeepers, and will generally or always exclude cover: in gardens, sheds, allotments, garages, cars or at shows or for Out Apiaries or Colonies.
  • Public Liability insurance: BBKA members already have cover for this as part of their membership, just as BDI covers bee disease.


  • Cover should be based on a limit that takes into account that cover is:- New for old.
  • Covers the sum of all equipment, stock, colonies etc at all locations.
  • You will almost certainly be surprised when you add it all up. Please use our ready reckoner, and download a copy.
  • The Buildings option is aimed at Local Associations, Divisions or Groups. This Sum Insured selected should at least cover the cost of rebuilding (including any demolition of damaged and associated costs such as planning permission or surveying costs). Note: the ‘average’ clause states that if you only cover a % of your total value, then insurers may only pay that % of a claim out. Thus, if you only cover (say) 75% of the total value, the average clause means that only 75% of any claim will be paid.


  • These are very few and can be viewed either on ‘Your Peace of Mind’ page or the policy documents.
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